Sunday, May 29, 2011

Enjoying Memorial Day weekend!

Can't believe I haven't posted yet! But, here I am - 8:45 pm. About 13 hours late! Wow!

So, Friday I cleaned the house and got it party ready and made the bread to go with the little sausages. Saturday, I made the little sausages and got the lawn chairs and tables all ready for the party. Party started at 2 pm and went until a bit past 8 pm. It was so wonderful to just relax with friends and enjoy the gorgeous day, good company and good food.

Yesterday was my first planned indulgent day. I had two helpings of the most wonderful strawberry trifle (thank you Mary Ellen!) and a small piece of fresh blueberry crumb pie. So yummy! Along with the Croatian sausages, some baked beans and fresh fruits of pineapple and cherries. Thoroughly enjoyable!

We had one guest stay overnight as she was driving from far away and we all drove into Virginia today for the platform address at the Northern Virginia Ethical Society meeting. The speaker had been a guest at our house the night before, so it was more familiar feeling than it is with other outside speakers.

We did our usual Whole Foods run to get yummy veggies and meats and then came back home. The guest left and then we held to our promise to the little guy of going swimming. My goodness... how happy a kid is in water. We had to talk him into coming home, but once we got home, it was obvious how sleepy he was. After filling his stomach he perked up a bit while I made dinner for the rest of us, mahi mahi grilled fish, swiss chard and garlicky red potatoes. (I just burped up garlic smell/taste now as I was typing - much better going down the first time!)

That's how we got to almost 9 pm tonight. We've been busy and enjoying our holiday weekend and I'm thrilled we have one more day to relax. Though, we have lots of laundry to do too - that and dishwashing never stops.

Feeling very good. I didn't lose any weight from one day to the next, but I didn't gain any either which is a small victory.

Stats for 5/29/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 209.0
Exercise total hours for 2011: 169.5 hours
Walking/Biking total miles in 2011: 450/1000

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