Friday, May 20, 2011

Pictures, doctor news, bikes and blood sugar - Oh my!

Ok, first the doctor visit... Let's try to do things in order of how things played out yesterday.

I went into the doctor's office, signed in and waited my turn. The doctor's assistant called me in, weighed me and took my blood pressure. With clothes, I weighed 211.8. Last time I was there the second week of January, with clothes, I weighed 257.4. She noted that and said, "Wow, you've lost a lot of weight - congratulations!" My blood pressure was textbook perfect - 180/120. Then, I sat and waited. This appointment was just about those lab results, so the doctor came in with his laptop in hand and started going over the bloodwork - urine tests fine, glucose tests fine, thyroid is normal (and he was going through them about as fast as you can read the text), cholesterol is much improved - the breakdown is still a little high on the bad cholesterol and low on the good cholesterol, but it's getting much better, and then these A1Cs. He said that the improvement was dramatic. He said, "Look, you were here - 8.7. That's uncontrolled diabetes. Now you are here - right on the cusp of absolutely perfect blood sugar control. You don't usually see such dramatic differences. What did you do?" I told him that I stopped eating simple carbs and that I was exercising nearly every day. He smiled and looked at me and said, "Look how much diet affects our health. Good job and keep it up. Let's do another lab in 3-4 months to keep you honest." So, I have an appointment at the end of the kid's summer break to go over the next set of labs.

That felt pretty darn good. I felt good too. That morning while getting dressed, I decided to try on a pair of black linen pants that I haven't been able to wear in 13 years. The only long pants I have are black jeans (which are dirty) and light jeans, but I didn't feel like jeans. I wanted something a bit less casual. I was totallllllllly shocked when I found they fit perfectly. I must have lost the majority of last month's weight in my hips and gut because they were nowhere near ready to be worn 2 months ago when I tried them.

I got to talking with some gals on a weight loss forum and we were commenting how people can be of similar heights, but have completely different measurements and weights and yet are still able to wear the same size. They were a little surprised I could wear a 14 in misses already, but I think it's my body build. So, I took photos to share with them in my size 14 pants. It also shows how different size 14 can be. The first pair, here, are the black linen pants. It's hard to see the fit, but you can see there's already some bagginess in the butt. Please excuse the big flabby arms. My arms (and gut) are my weak points. I have always had big arms and a tummy. They are getting smaller, but still there. So, here are the 14 Laura Ashley linen pants:

Then, I pulled out the size 14 Lands End Skort I bought at Goodwill. it's like new, dryer fresh, but seems to fit fine now:

And lastly, I tried on the Lily Pulitzer jeans/slacks I got at Goodwill too. They are a 14 too, but are pulling a little tight in the butt and thighs. I don't like tight clothes, so they will wait another 7-10 pounds:

What I can see though is that I've lost a LOT of tummy - a LOT. And knowing that and seeing that makes it sink in a little more that 46 pounds does make a huge, HUGE difference.

OK, back to my day. I had to take my mother in law to the doctor yesterday which is near Kohl's. These same gals had said that they had good sales and items for swimwear. I have one swimsuit, but I want something I can wear out in the yard that doesn't make me feel so self conscious when I'm playing with my kids with the squirt guns or sprinkler. I found something very similar to this (just in a plan black and blue top - no stripes). The shorts are so cute and flattering (you can click select them to see them better): tankini action back top and shorts. While I was at Kohls I tried on various things and yes, I am in a tight 14. Wow... really and truly, no more plus size clothes for me. That is amazing!!!

So, my day continues on. I made dinner and decided on quinoa. While I was at the doctor's office, I asked for a blood sugar monitor so I could find out what my trigger foods are. Yes, I'm controlling everything fine, but I might have eliminated foods I don't need to or maybe I've kept some foods I shouldn't have. For now he gave me a monitor and 10 strips. I'll be calling today to get more through insurance. I don't plan to take them all the time, but it would be nice to have more knowledge - like do potatoes give me spikes? Or how about watermelon? I just need to see. So, the quinoa. I tested 2 hours after eating it. My blood sugar was 80. Wow! OK, that is LOW. It definitely didn't spike my blood sugars. I'll test at some point after one hour, but that was encouraging.

I ended my day with a walk around the lake a couple times. I wanted to go around 3 times, but the storms rolled in. I made it home with about 5 minutes to spare before the sky poured buckets of rain.

At the very end of the day, while in bed with the iPad, I waited for midnight to roll around to see what the sales would be on bikes at REI. Now I'm torn... I can get one of two bikes for about the same price. One I have to order and get unseen (though I can always return it and get the other if I don't like it) and the other I can try. One is a step through women's bike. The other is unisex... I like the unisex one better in style and features except that it's unisex and has that higher bar. Very, very torn... I'll go test drive and look again and decide. But I was so excited about it, I didn't sleep well! Doy!!! LOL

Today's plan is mulching that last flower bed - finally. The rains have kept me out of the garden!

It's a good day to buy a bike. It's bike to work day!

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 209.4 (a bit more then 46 pounds lost)
Total exercise hours/minutes in 2011: 154.5
Total miles walked/biked in 2011: 423/1000

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