Thursday, May 19, 2011

Have a doctor's appointment today!

Those of you who read regularly know that I had blood work done about 6 weeks ago. The doctor's office called about 5 weeks ago to say that he wanted to see me in 4-6 weeks to go over the lab results. They didn't say if the results were good or bad - just make an appointment for mid-May. I was pretty miffed and demanded that I be sent the lab results. In the meantime, I went to Quest labs online and set up delivery of my lab results to my Iphone (they only send through phone). And that would take 3-5 days to get those results. Argh! Well, in 3 days from Quest over my phone and the results were pretty close to perfect. And... I'm still waiting for the lab results from the doctor's office - they were never sent. After this appointment, I'm changing doctors. This is like the third thing with this doctor that has been negligent or poor patient service.

But, I am interested in seeing these lab results and what the doctor has to say for ongoing treatment. Also, since last at the doctor's office, I've lost 45 pounds (up a pound today on the scale because for dinner last night I ate something with soy sauce). After this appointment - switcheroo to another doctor in the same office. (my husband's doctor seems fine).

Other than that, I didn't get into the garden yesterday as the storms/rain didn't let up during the day. Instead, in the evening I planned to go take a long walk, but my 6 year old son didn't want me to go. Which meant no walk and I would need to jump around in the basement. I was getting so tired by the time I put the little guy to bed and I almost didn't do it, but I realized I've been slacking off on non-gardening days and I shouldn't be doing that! So, down I went. I decided on Kathy Smith's Instant Workout. That tape has 3 20 minute workouts. I decided I would do one and if I felt up for it two. I did two for a total of 45 minutes including a warm up and cool down. I was pretty proud of that effort. Gained weight this morning, but that only means the workout was a good idea. I probably would have gained more without the workout. Darn fluid weight! Soy sauce is not friends with the scale.

Beginning weight 255.6  Now: 210.2 (a bit over 45 pounds lost)
Total hours/minutes exercised in 2011: 153:45 hours
Total Miles Walked/Biked in 2011: 419/1000 miles

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