Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ordered my bike on Ride your Bike to Work Day!

I about hyperventilated while ordering it. I have no problem spending money on the house or the kids or even 'small' things for me (like replacing shoes, new clothes for worn out or outgrown clothes), but to buy something that is a 'want' versus a need is hard for me. Plus, with this fitness stuff, we've been spending more recently on stuff that I feel greedy, but I have to get over it. It is a need. Fitness is a need and I need a bike for me.

My plan is to ride for a purpose - riding to the grocery store. Riding to the library. Riding to farmer's market and riding to the mall. All of those things are 2 miles or closer from the house and all of them can be gotten to without getting on a major highway. That is so awesome!

So, this is the bike I got: Raleigh i8 Calispel

To it I'm adding a rack and fenders and a basket. So, it will be more functional and cute when all finished. I'm happy with the choice. It's a step through bike. It has internal gears and a a chain guard. I haven't been able to test drive it yet, but I'm hopeful.

Then, to make it a functional piece for me. I got this. THIS was the splurge, but I want to ride for a purpose, so I need hauling capability: Burley Travoy

Isn't that cool? It detaches from the bike with a twist. It folds down flat and I can take it into the grocery store with me to fill it up as I go. AND I can fill pannier bags to hang from the side of the bike too. I'm stoked! I haven't decided on what bags to get with it yet. It comes with the black one shown, but you can buy all sorts of accessories - at a price, of course.

OK, off to go work in the yard today. Mulch city on that last flower bed - woo hoo!

And the scale continues to be my friend - so odd for this stage of my cycle, but it's making me happy!

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 209.0 (lost 46 and a half pounds)

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