Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ah, good night's sleep, but the scale moved in the wrong direction

Not going to worry about the scale as I know it's just some weird blip. It's March 1st and I lost 8 pounds for the month of February. How could any bemoan that? That's twice as fast as my goal, so little higher blips on the scale here and there are not going to bother me. My body isn't a perfect machine. Either my sodium is up or something.

Last night's workout was going to be something different because I wanted to protect my shins from shin splints that are starting to develop. However, the DVD player doesn't have the cables to connect it to the TV. The ones we have are in use. My husband suggested undoing the TV upstairs, but I didn't want to bother with having to undo it just to have to redo it in an hour. Stuff like that is not that simple to do. We'll just need to get some new cables soon. So, instead of reviving my Richard Simmons DVDs (which I bought and have never used to replace my Richard Simmons video cassettes), I did the Walk It Out game for Wii again. Using the reebok step more and more. My average heart rate was 131. Max was 143. Really, except for the first 15 minutes where it was building up, for 45 minutes it was hovering around 140 which is perfect.

I didn't get to doing the 'fun' stuff or even the productive stuff yesterday. I went to the grocery store and pharmacy, took a nap, listened to my mother in law, did the dishes and made dinner and then later hung out with my teenager, got the 5 year old and the rest of the evening was spent with him until he was ready to go to bed. Then I exercised.

What else? My little guy who usually hates school was excited to get back to school yesterday, and seems so today too. Boy, that would be a nice trend! He's growing mentally/socially by leaps and bounds, so maybe he's feeling more comfortable at school too.

Oh, and spring is really here - the tulips are popping up, my neightbor's bushes are blooming and yesterday on the way to the grocery store I saw some blooming amaryllis too! March 1st! It's been a long, cold winter, so I'm hoping it's pretty much the end of that. March in the midatlantic is usually pretty nice. Here's hoping it is this time too.

Stats for 3/1/11:

Beginning Weight: 255.6   Now 239.6
2011 Exercise totals: 53 hours
2011 Walking totals: 176/1000 miles

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