Monday, February 28, 2011

Lack of sleep makes me grumpy and makes the scale go up

I didn't get to exercising until 9:30 pm and did that until 10:45 pm. Of course, because of it I couldn't go to sleep right away and for the second night in a row, I slept like doo-doo. Much worse last night than the night before. Maybe now my thyroid has gone too far the other way? or was it just one of those things? Who knows. But now I feel grumpy and it's rainy outside and the scale was up a bit this morning (I've noticed bad sleep usually equals bad scale reading in the morning). I know I did nothing 'wrong' as I ate well yesterday and did fit in my usual exercise routine.

Well, routine. I guess the Walk It Out game is routine, but definitely adding push-ups and situps every other day isn't exactly a routine yet as I have now done them exactly twice. This time I decided to do the push-ups and sit-ups before exercising and I did some some improvement. Well, more, I pushed myself harder as I wasn't as exhausted I think. So, 20 girly push-ups, 4 sets of 5 with a few seconds pause between each set. Then I did 25 crunches in sets of 5 straight on, and then another 25 for the obliques. My arms, shoulders and sides are hurting from the push-ups, but nothing is hurting me so far from the sit-ups even though I really can't do any more when I'm doing them!

Today is Monday and my 5 year old is all recuperated from his stomach bug. We first have to hit the dentist to have that check-up on his dental surgery. We had to reschedule due to the little guy's stomach bug. Then, it's off to school with him! Then I need to go to the pharmacy to get my thyroid meds. I haven't had a day alone in two weeks, so something FUN would be nice. Not sure going to Home Depot is fun, but I do need to pick something up there. Maybe hanging curtains? Not exactly fun, but I really need to get to that. We've lived in this house for 15 months and while all the windows have blinds, it would be nice to have curtains too and then, finally some artwork!

Ok, that's about it. Oh, I did do my measurements this morning, but hardly a change, so I'll maybe start doing that once a month. The only measurement that got a little smaller was my thighs, otherwise the same, despite dropping weight these past two weeks.

Stats for 2/27/11:

Beginning weight 255.6   Now 239.2
2011 exercise totals: 52 hours
2011 walking totals: 173/1000
Push-ups: starting: 15  Now: 20
Stomach crunches: starting: 25  Now: 50

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