Thursday, February 17, 2011

When you get a cold and life is busy

For two days I haven't worked out and my cleaning both days weren't some marathon, but pretty relaxed and easy, But I still am fighting off this cold. Not quite getting it, but it's zapping my energy and then with the worry about my son's dental surgery, I was out of sorts. Even though I knew it wasn't a big deal, I was worried. He has autism and sometimes doesn't understand things, but it seems he does understand much more now and he wasn't scared. That was my worry... him being scared, not worried about the procedure itself.

The little guy now has 8 capped teeth and two others are fixed (two of his four permanent teeth) of a development defect so they won't go bad either. The dentist said it looks like he got unlucky with genetics as it wasn't bottle rot that decayed those teeth, but really little and soft enamel. Fortuately, his permanent teeth are solid and strong.

Little guy didn't like getting up and in a wheel chair or the car ride home as he just wanted to stay in a bed.... yet also said, "Get me out of here." About an hour of being home, he was mostly back to himself and by late afternoon he was eating up a storm, talking, writing and running around like usually. No pain at all and he said that it wasn't bad getting his teeth fixed. Which means, all is good.

However, in my nervousness I mixed up which day my good friend and son are coming! I assumed it was Wednesday, but no! It's TODAY, Thursday! Which is better as now I can go get her instead of my husband, but when I figured it out was within minutes of sending my husband to go get her! Oops!

My eating is fine and I actually had a small victory with choose better eating last night. There were still two leftover cupcakes from Valentine's Day. I was eying them for a snack as I was hungry and eating one wouldn't put me over in my desired calorie count for the day. But, I'm trying to stay away from simple sugars. I asked my kids if they wanted them and they didn't. My older son found them too sweet and my younger son I think was tired of them. So, into the trash they went. I still needed a snack and ironically ate the same number of calories that was in that cupcake, but I ate something that gave me not just calories, but nutrition too. No more empty calories!!!! I had a big apple with cinnamon and peanut butter.

Weight isn't moving, but it's that time of the month and without exercise (the key for me), I'm not expecting anything either. Holding steady while life gets back in order is fine. That's life really, not every day is going to be possible to get exercise, but everyday should be possible to make good food decisions.

It's going to be a gorgeous day today, so I will walk my little guy to and from school. That will add 2 miles of walking at least and movement is movement and maybe later we can squeeze in a walk around the lake, but it will be tight as I have to get my good friend from the airport too, leaving here around 4:30 pm.

Stats for 2/17/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6   Now: 243.6

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