Thursday, February 24, 2011

That ham was so good, but ouch on the scale!

Yesterday I was Mommy Nurse to a very sick little boy. By evening he was feeling better, but his fever jumped up. My husband took over as pillow and I went to make dinner. Food is getting scarce, so I made what was left, a nice ham, some frozen spinach, and a couple sweet potatoes and a couple red potatoes. I ate the hame, spinach and a small red potato. It tasted so good and I was so hungry, but ham, even the nice healthy ones, are salty. I was guzzling water afterwards and this morning, a 1.6 gain! I know it's all water, but yowza! And ham is on the menu for tonight too!

I had every intention of exercising lightly last night, but then my older son started to feel sick. Turns out that he had forgotten to eat! He had breakfast yesterday, forgot his lunch in a classroom, so had no lunch, then came home from school and didn't eat, so he didn't eat again until dinner at 6:30pm. By then he had a bad headache and couldn't eat much dinner. Of course, we couldn't know if it was hunger or that he was getting this same stomach bug. Seems it was hunger as he felt fine this morning. I'll have to harp on him all day today to remind him to eat!

So, glad he isn't getting this bug, yet, but by 9:30 pm when I could finally go down and exercise, I was just wiped out and decided I should go to bed instead. I hate not exercising! And that weight gain this morning, even though I know it's water weight, could have been helped, perhaps, if I actually moved yesterday! Argh!

But, that's life. There will be days that are just like that and I have to deal with it!

Stats for 2/24/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 242.0 (Boo!!!)

Edited to add: took a nap and dropped a pound. I don't think I slept well last night, so now: 241.0.

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