Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How a day can go from GREAT to "meh" in a matter of hours

Yesterday was a great start to the day. It was Monday, so the kids were back in school. Yay! So, I had some time to myself. Woo hoo yay! My husband had a cardiac stress test and that came out perfect, Yay! A friend offered me a treadmill to use for exercising at home! So nice and Yay! The sun was out for awhile. Yay! I ordered the heart rate monitor and foot pod! Whoopie yay! And I got 5 miles in on Walk it Out and felt great, all before the kids came home. Big yay!

Then, I picked up my youngest from school and the kindergarten teacher is frustrated with his inability to do things without assistance (getting jacket, hat, backpack all by himself) He is high functioning autistic, but the teacher does not know how to deal with it at all. Boo. Then, as soon as I get the little guy home, I see he's running a fever. Double boo! Dinner didn't turn out right. Boo! And then I got an upsetting email. Big boo! And now the weather is turning sour and we'll probably get snow and ice and then rain in the next 24 hours. Big slushy mess boo!

Quite the turn-around. The good news is, my little guy is sleeping and his temp seems under control for now, had a nice laugh over tea with my older son and husband and my mood is lifted because taking care of yourself does that to you! My life is good and getting better!

Stats for 2/1/11:

Weight beginning: 255.6    Now: 247.8

Walked it Out: 91.4 miles
Exercise time: 28 hours

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