Friday, February 4, 2011

How fast the body gets stronger!

Today is February 4th. It is one month and one day since I started exercising and eating lower carbs with eliminating all simple carbs. And I feel great!

So far for my exercise, I've been using the Walk It Out Wii Game. I'm still not done with the game, probably have another 2-3 weeks to finish all the events. In the beginning it starts you out with 15 songs. They go from about 90 bpm to 155 bpm (beats per minute). As you walk the island, you can earn songs and eventually get all 120. That's what I went for first, all the songs and then started building more of the island's farm, shopping district, residential area and so on. As I was building the songs, I just used them all and the first couple days my feet hurt after 30 minutes, then 45 minutes, soon an hour and now I sometimes go 70 minutes or more and end not because I'm tired, but because, it's enough for the day and I have other things to do.

A little over a week ago, I dropped all songs under 130 beats per minute to make me work a bit harder. I still had close to two hours of music and last night, I dropped all the music under 148 bpm leaving me with 32 minutes of music. Most of the music being in the 170-180 bpm and a few slower songs at 150. I didn't get too tired, I didn't get too overworked. It felt great! If I were to add all the songs now, I would feel like I'm crawling at 90 beats per minute.

I've been racking up 5  miles and up to 6.3 miles in one session and I'm walking 12.4 to 13 minute miles. I know this cannot translate to actual miles walked because I'm not pushing off, I'm not making a stride, I'm standing in place on the balance board, but once the weather improves, my heart rate monitor is here with the foot pod and GPS and I will walk a mile outside and see how fast I can walk it. Or, use the treadmill that I hope to be getting soon. I'm ready for the next step in getting myself fit. I 'might' pull out a workout video starting next Monday (busy weekend in front of me) so, we'll see. In the meantime, I'll finish up this island and keep chugging along, getting stronger in muscle and in my heart's response to exercise.

Oh, and it's the second half of my monthly cycle, so as I figured, the scale is my friend again. I'm now officially down 8 pounds (I don't count the point something, so it won't be 9 pounds until it's 246 or 245 point something).


Weight: Beginning - 255.6   Now - 246.6
Walked It Out - 108 miles
Number of Hours exercised in 2011 - 31:35

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