Saturday, February 26, 2011

You gotta start somewhere, but WOW

So, I said I would start with push-ups and sit-ups yesterday for some strength training. Now, I was expecting I would majorly suck at anything like that, but when you do one sit-up and realize, "wow, this is hard!", you know it's not going to be good. I did 5, then relaxed a couple seconds, five more, relax, five more, relax. Up to 25. That was it. I was done. Pathetic. Yes, it has been over a decade since I've done these (wow to that even - a decade of doing them???), and I've had a baby since then, but still completely pathetic.

Then I tried push-ups. I've always been stronger in my arms/shoulders than in my abdomen, so I thought it would go better, maybe. Until I build strength, it has to be girly push-ups, but I did 5 no problem, then a stretched a second, 5 more, relax, 5 more and done. Enough. Again, just 15 and I was feeling it too much and had enough. Where are the days I could do 50 of those with no  exercise at all, just able to do it whenever? Well, those days are gone too.

I know, it's a start and you have to start somewhere, but ugh... awful. I know part of the reason I was also dead early was that I had just exercised for 90 minutes previous to that. I tried out the treadmill last night. I had gotten batteries for the treadmill's distance counter and speed indicator, etc, so I wanted to give it a whirl. Plus, I have a footpod for the Garmin Forerunner and I wanted to get that calibrated for my walking pace. It started that I was just going to walk a half mile for the watch, but I didn't do it right. Then I walked another .5 miles, again, it didn't work! Finally, I get it (my manual doesn't have directions for this and the online manual I found was for the old style footpod) with walking another half mile. So, 1.5 miles on the treadmill just to get the foot pod to work with my watch. My heart was pounding at an average of 140 beats per minute too and I was walking 3.1 miles per hour. That's it! After exercising for 7 weeks, that's still all the faster I could go! Argh!!! (though I really do think it's harder to walk on the treadmill than it is to walk outside).

Well, at that point, I had walked/worked out for 27 minutes. Too short. So, I decided to do 33 minutes on the Walk It Out game. Well, I felt good and thought at about 25 minutes in, "heck, I can do this an hour". And onwards I went. However, at 25 minutes left to go, I was feeling TIRED. It was 10:30 at night and my heart was still really pounding, but I stuck it out to make it 90 minutes total of walking - 4.5 miles. Then I did the situps and pushups at about 11 pm. So, perhaps the time of day and already being exhausted contributed to the pathetic performance, but I doubt it. I don't use my shoulders and abs while walking - at least not much!

Other than that, I had an adventure at the grocery store yesterday. I didn't realize I was hungry when going and my goodness was it hard to walk past the bakery! They had baked goods all over the place and I just wanted to eat them! Fortunately, I had a protein bar in my purse and I ate that instead and made it out unscathed. And I think it was only because simple carbs are the ONE THING I really need to avoid that kept me from caving. It's not only about their empty calories, but what it can do to my blood sugars that kept me in check.

Lastly, my husband has dropped 10 pounds in the last 6 weeks too. Five of it was his holiday weight gain (I lost those 4 pounds from mid to late December) and an additional 5 pounds. He's gotten there from calorie restricting mainly. It helps that I make really good, healthy food. He exercises just wii fit games about one to two times a week. Man, if it were only that easy for me to lose that quickly. I'm not jealous or even envious. I have known it's been taht way forever. First, he's male. Second, he just has a better metabolism. Very soon he'll be back in his 32 inch waist pants. Maybe I'll be able to fit in his 34s sometime this year? Just to say I can? We'll see!

Saw another drop on the scale, so all is good!

Stats 2/26/11:

Beginning weight - 255.6  Now - 239.0
Exercise hours:minutes in 2011: 49:45
Walking totals in 2011: 166/1000 miles
Push-up count I can do in one sitting: 15
Sit-up count I can do in one sitting: 25

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