Thursday, February 10, 2011

Feeling blue today and too little sleep.

Not quite sure why I feel blue, but I do.  I think the winter blahs are hitting me and too much time in the house. Doesn't help I didn't get enough sleep last night - about 5 hours. I can sense a nap happening some time today.

Also today we have to meet with the dentist for our son's dental surgery next Wednesday. I think I'll go to the library today to try to find some books to read to Henry about going to the hospital. He'll have this and then soon, a hernia surgery. Poor kid, but poor Mom too!

I'm full of tangents today, but also I found of all things, Cheerios are the one thing in the house, that if I see it or smell it, I want it. Not the home made bread baking in the oven, not the sight of a hazelnut chocolate spread (not Nutella), not making a cake or sweets  - Cheerios? How odd is that?

Ok, I'm feeling a bit better, I stood outside chatting with one of the parents from kindergarten class. it was in the sun, and while COLD, it did breathe a bit of fresh air into me!

My scale was very kind today, but I know it's an unusual dip - expect to see it higher tomorrow.

Stats 2/10/11:

Weight - Beginning: 255.6  Now: 243.0
Walk It Out 2011 totals: 127
Exerciser Hours:Minutes in 2011: 36:35

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