Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Posting from the Hospital

My 5 year old is having dental surgery today. They just took him in and since he still wasn't out, just loopy, it was a little worrying seeing him go without me. I guess I'm a protective Mama Bear. I didn't want him to be awake and without me.

My really good friend and her soon to be 4 year old will be coming this evening and staying the next few days and as excited I am about that, I can't really think much about it until this dental surgery is over.

My workout yesterday and today was and will be cleaning house. Yesterday I emptied out our craft room. That room was so full of stuff that you couldn't even enter it. Now it's ready for guests and after that for sewing and crafts and I'll finally make it cute too!!!

What else? Not much. My mind is with my little guy, but my eating is good and not even a desire to eat junk which means I've come a long way with getting over emotional eating!

Stats for 2/16/11:

Beginning weight:255.6. Now 243.4

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