Sunday, February 6, 2011

I did step for an hour yesterday!

In my effort to up the difficulty of what I'm doing for exercise, I decided to use the balance board as a step and instead of walking in place, I would go up and down the step. Then every few songs, I would go across it to work the inner thigh muscles (that burned). This time I chose all the slow songs, about 20 minutes worth and played it through 3 times. They ranged from 87 bpm (one song) to 120 (three songs). The ones 100 and below were very easy, the ones 110 and above had my heart beating pretty hard! I can already tell that I'll have sore muscles tomorrow and surprisingly, every day I feel a bit in my abs. Who knew that walking and stepping and swinging arms made your abs work?

I used to love doing step aerobics, but then I stopped for some reason. Oh, I know, I had a little boy who wanted to do them with me on my step. I got him a step too and well, mom's was more interesting. I started it up a few years after that and again, I'm not sure why I quit. I think with so much of things that are not true habits yet, a day turns into a week, a week turns into a month and before you know it, you forget all about it.

Anyway, all the tricks of switching feet, walking over the step sideways and then going in then out too, all came back to me. Now to find the easy step routines I have for some reason I like it!

Huh, just remembered  I have a pair of aerobic shoes, barely used, and another matching pair waiting to be used. I was really into it way back when and wore a couple pairs of shoes out and then got a two for one deal, I remember. They've been waiting to be used for over a decade! I sure hope they are still good! And how sad is THAT?

Not quite sure how to count this exercise. It's still using the Walk It Out game, so it still counts my steps and distance, but obviously, going up and down even a small step takes more energy and for now, I have to go slow. I guess I'll count it as walking as well, it is, right? Man I can't wait for that heart rate monitor to come! Itching to test it out! I was sweating last night, phew!

Nine pounds gone!!!! (See what I said about second half of the month versus first half?)

Stats 2/6/11:

Weight - Beginning:  255.6   Now: 245.8
Walked it Out totals: 115.2 miles
Exercise total hours: 33:35

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