Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Back to the normal routine, sort of

The kids were home for a snow day yesterday and even my husband's work was delayed 4 hours. That was nice. It gave us a recuperation day from having guests and from running off doing something every day. Because of it my exercise came later in the day, but I fit it in at the end which is a typical time, fortunately or unfortunately.

We did get the treadmill positioned and I cleaned it all up and tested it out. Belt runs fine, the incline works (but I don't think it's ever completely flat, maybe that makes it more like real walking?). The distance calculator, etc isn't working because it needs batteries and we are all out of AA batteries, so I'll pick some up today. For me everything is perfect. For my husband, his head is really close to the ceiling in the basement, so he'll have to avoid running fast or hard, but that was never his plan anyway.

I tried to use the treadmill for the walk it out game, but with the songs changing every three minutes or so, getting the right tempo was difficult. Plus, the tempo for walking on a treadmill is different from what I need for marching in place or using the step, so I got tired really fast on the treadmill. Add to that, the treadmill is loud and the TV is not so close and I have to crank the TV to hear it over the treadmill. It was after 10 pm and I knew my mother in law was getting ready for bed, so I didn't want to turn it up too loud. Add it all together and I decided to just march in place for the faster songs and use the reebok step for the mid to slow songs. I got a good workout, so all's good.

My plan for today was to get to the grocery store to restock on veggies, but I woke to a vomiting child climbing into my bed. I blame either the Port Discovery Children's Museum or the B and O Train Museum for passing this bug. Really the kids going to the museums, but that's probably where he got it. So much for him going back to school! He's only had a 1/2 day in the last week between the dental surgery, teacher conference days, President's Day and a snow day! Now add in a sick day. Means that groceries will have to wait and so will exercise, but at least it's back to normal in the sense I can fit it in when my husband comes home, hopefully. I can't complain too bad. Both my kids are really healthy kids, so this is a rarity. Still stinks, but that's life.

Calves are bit sore from the reebok step, but the good kind of sore which means I didn't overdo it this time!

Stats for 2/23/11:

Beginning Weight: 255.6   Now: 240.4
2011 exercise hours: 47:10
2011 walking totals: 158.5 miles

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