Monday, February 21, 2011

And the treadmill is in the house!

Again, thanks tons to B. and J. and K. for the treadmill. I'll see if I get a chance to use it tonight. I probably can as my friend's plane leaves at 6:45 and you know how early that means I have to drop her and her son off. We still need to get it to the basement, but that shouldn't be too hard. I'm so glad that we bought the Honda Fit last year - it fit in the back of that!

Yesterday was a take it easy day. The kids played at home for HOURS well my friend and I got to chat. We were supposed to get to the Ellicott City train museum but my friend's little guy fell asleep in the car, so we just drove around. Today we're going to go to the Port Discovery Children's Museum in Baltimore.

That's about it. The kids have been enjoying the 4.5 day weekend, but tomorrow it's all back to normal for everyone!

Stats for 2/21/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6   Now: 240.6

Walking Totals: 153 miles
Exercise totals: 44:45 hours

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