Sunday, February 27, 2011

Date night!

My husband and I went out for a date - the first time in months and months and the first time we went out somewhere alone for over a year. Another time we went out and went to a group thing. It was a nice time. We went to Historic Ellicott City. First we walked down the Main Street and then back up. It's built on a hill (and into bedrock) and is quite charming - full of shops (sad to see a Subway is moving into the neighborhood - sorry cousin Nick who works in advertising in the headquarters!). Normally, I would have huffed and puffed coming back up the hill. Not this time! I am getting fitter. Then we listened to a live band in a local pub and people watched. Party animals we are not, but it was a cheap date $8 total as my husband had one beer and I had a diet Coke!

Yesterday I walked 4 miles. The first mile I did at home on the treadmill. That mile was hard. Again, 3.1 mph is the fastest I could go - making it exactly an 18 minute mile. Later, I decided to take a walk. We all went as a family, but I went ahead at my speed while my husband, my teenager and the 5 year old walked behind. I did the entire loop of the 1.5 miles, then I walked back to them the long way (off the lake) for a total of 2.5 miles walking fast. The last mile was starts and stops with the 5 year old. I would be walking very fast when he was running, at a standstill when he was lollygagging. When I was walking fast (2.5 miles) I was walking 3.9 miles per hour, or about 15 minute miles - including hilly areas, way easier than the treadmill. So, when I am walking on the treadmill and it seems so slow, I know I'm working as hard as I would outside at nearly 4 mph.

I feel good today, quite sore now from the push-ups, but that's good. I'll do some more today! Ack... I hate them!

Weight beginning: 256.6   Now: 238.8
Exercise totals in 2011: 51 hours
Walking totals in 2011: 170/1000

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