Thursday, February 3, 2011

There are some people who recently inspired me

There are two people I know who recently underwent a major weight loss journey. The first is the leader of our ethical society.Very quietly, with no fanfare, she just did it. One day, I just noticed her shrinking. Later I asked questions and continued to watch her determination to keep plugging along. At first, I believe it was a reduced caloried diet alone, but then she added in exercise, working with a trainer. I saw her start to smile more, she talked about how she didn't get as down and out with colds like she used to and it was inspiring to see her tackle so much. Even now, after she's had a bit of a set back with a surgery, she wasn't allowed to workout for months, but the very first day the doctors allowed it, she was back at it. I know that takes strength to come back to start up again, knowing that physical strength had been lost. On the other hand, I am pretty sure her recovery was that much better because she was in a healthier spot to deal with it too.

The other person who had a recent inspiring journey is a former elementary school classmate. We became friends on facebook as I reconnected with people from my past about two years ago. A little over a year ago she started walking and dieting. She would update almost every day what she had done for fitness that day. Then there were fitness classes on top of walking. Then it was walking and then running a little bit, then moving up to running along with the fitness class. She dropped I think about 80 pounds and ran a half marathon at the end of that year. She took a wee little break, and is now gearing up for another half marathon in April. She looks fantastic, and I'm sure she's feeling fantastic too.

Watching two people - one in person, and one via facebook was very inspiring. They both had gotten to that point in their life where they were ready to take it on. I don't think either one of them had visions of where they would end up. I know neither thought they would be at the fitness level they got to, but something inside was pushing them onwards. And I was in awe of that.

I was ready to start my own journey shortly after we moved. My youngest was finally sleeping, and I had lost ten without trying. I was motivated to do more. But then I started having sleeping problems of my own and then the headaches hit and made everything stand still while I tried to cope with pain and feeling horrible day in and day out. But as soon as that was fixed, and medical scares were thrown in, I knew. It was my turn to do it too and after watching two people plugging away, every day, I knew that if they did it, I could too.

I'm not trying to put pressure on either one of these ladies. They have to do what is right for them and I know there will be good times and bad, but the fact is, they are doing their best to make themselves healthier and happier.

So thank you Jone and Lisa for leading the way.


Weight: Beginning 255.6    Now: 247.8
Walked it Out: 103 Miles
Exercise totals for 2011: 30 hours and 30 minutes

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