Sunday, February 13, 2011

Hodge Podge of stuff!

Today I just have a bunch of little things to talk about. First, I used the Garmin watch to track a walk we took yesterday. The sun was out, the temperature was about 45 degrees and despite being slightly windy, it was finally a break to get outside. I was curious to see how the GPS worked. One of the complaints about the Garmin Forerunner 305 is that it takes awhile to acquire satellites, but it was so fast. Less than 10 seconds and we were off. We were walking with my 5 year old, so it wasn't fast, but just nice to be outside. Here's a route of my walk and I can pinpoint various points to see how far we had gone at that point and track my pace, speed and heart rate. Here's the route we took yesterday, 1:45 miles around the lake about 500 feet from our house:

While that was great, it really wasn't a workout for me. So, last night I finally got in a workout. Now that I have the heart rate monitor, I have something to push myself. Since I could see the last workout was bordering on too easy. I changed things up. Since I want to finish the Walk it Out game, I just needed to find a way to make it harder. So this time I used the wiimote and nunchuck and not the balance board. I jogged in place and occasionally ran around the rec room to break it up. I felt I was working harder, but it felt good. I was jogging (reminding myself to wear a sports bra next time! LOL).

Oh, and I learned something new. I was reading the heart rate average wrong! The chart just picks the midpoint of the workout on the chart, not the average of the workout. So, yesterday I was wrong in what I said about my two previous workouts. Seems my average heart rate was 126 bpm on Thursday and 125 on Friday. Not the 10 bpm difference I thought it was! Last night's average was 130 bpm, so I was working harder!

I don't know how many more days I have left on this game, but I'm ready to move on. I just don't like leaving things undone!

Other than that, I need to make cupcakes and decorate them for my son's Kindergarten Valentine's day party. I decided to make yellow sour cream cake with my delicious chocolate icing and to decorate them with heart shaped candy melts. This is the first time I'm making a dessert since starting this change of lifestyle in fitness and diet, so we'll see how it goes. I'm not a big cake fan, so I should be OK there, but that icing? Ooo dangerous! My little guy is excited to help me make them too.

Stats for 2/13/11:

Weight - Beginning: 255.6  Now: 242.6
Exercise hour:minute totals in 2011: 40:40
Miles walked in 2011: 143.25

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