Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Beginning to think about what to do about clothes

Most of my wardrobe are size 20s and for shirts 2Xs. Before I started this venture, they were already a tad loose and I had picked up a couple size 18s and 1Xs. Now all 20s are just not wearable except for around home with a belt. The 18s fit perfectly. My two size 18s before now were just for 'good', but since I plan to keep losing weight, they are now for every day too. Yesterday I took out a 'saved' pair of 18s and they fit (although too long), making the total to 3 pants - that's doable for as short of time I plan to be in an 18. Oh, and I have one summery/spring pair of linen pants in 18s too (picked up at goodwill 6 years ago).

In my closet, I think I have one dress and one skirt in a 16 and one pair of linen pants in a 14 (I still remember how unbelievably excited I was to be able to wear a 14 over a decade ago) and I think that's it for the 'saved for hopefully" wardrobe. Obviously, I'll need to go clothes shopping then, but I'm cheap. As good as it will feel to go down in sizes and to look better in clothes, I'm not going to buy expensive/good quality clothes for a temporary size. We have a really good Goodwill in Columbia, so I think I will scour there. Problem is, size 16 is a popular size! But, all I need to find is SOMETHING to work and for a 'better' outfit, if it can't be found at Goodwill, I'll try Marshall's too. I don't have to worry about it for about another 20 pounds or so, but it's been on my mind a bit too as I'm dumping 3/4s of my wardrobe, most of which are not even in donatable condition. As a stay at home mom, most of my stuff is crap. Then I have a few presentable pieces that are even wearing out from age and use. I've been a 20 for a LONG TIME.

Speaking of Goodwill I went in there on a whim a couple weeks ago and picked up Two brand new pairs of shoes - NEVER worn - one Hush Puppies and one LL Bean. Totally comfortable, perfect condition for a total of $20. And I had been looking at similar shoes (the LLBean ones for $100!).

And I'm still waiting for my freaking heart rate monitor. It took Amazon forever to ship it and they sent it super snail mail from Siberia I think. They estimate 2/10 for delivery, but I keep hoping it will be earlier. Like today please? Calves are feeling better too. I decided to NOT use the step for now. As long as I can get my heart rate up walking in place with the fast songs, no reason to push myself so hard to cause so much pain! LOL But, I'm also going to add running with Wii. There is a 10 minute run that gives distances. I'll try it once a week to see how much better I'm getting. I can run the 3 minute run without dying, so let's see how it goes! I need to add in strength training soon too. Though, I hate strength training! Blah! But, I know it's good for me!

Stats for 2/9/11:

Weight - beginning: 255.6   Now: 244.6

Walked it Out Totals - 122.7 miles
Exercised Hours:Minutes in 2011- 35:35

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