Monday, January 31, 2011

Joined a weight loss forum - the different types of weight loss

I rejoined a weight loss forum, one I had joined 13 years ago and left 12 years ago. I don't recall my user name (who knows if it is still in the system) and while it is great in many ways and most people are trying to lose weight sensibly, I also see so many things I don't think are healthy. People on starvation diets. People taking pills. People just going too extreme in whatever diet they chose. I've been there. I did the restricted calorie thing with lots of exercise in college. It was great for a couple months until I felt I was so famished... gained all that weight back in a couple months. And I won't even look at the subcategory for people taking pills or doing experimental drugs. And, I won't look at the surgery options either. Not that I haven't been tempted by surgery. Oh boy, have I been tempted, but I can't do it. At least not until I give this my best shot. "If" for some reason I cannot get this weight thing under control the normal way, I'll 'think' about surgery, but it realllllllly is a last ditch option for me.

My uncle had the stomach stapling surgery in 1980 or 1981. He lost a ton of weight with it, but now has lifelong problems. They used to narrow the opening to the stomach (some surgery options still do), so you have to super chew your food and if you don't, it will get stuck and eventually you will have to vomit. Also, with that surgery, over time you can  restretch that stomach, or learn tricks to get certain foods without making you sick and regain. He regained a lot of the weight he lost (but did relose a lot of it again, but always looked sickly). My mom had that surgery in 1982, I think. And she had the same problems and she is still significantly overweight.

Now, I know they have changed the surgery now. And I know that there even more options and I've seen and heard of some GREAT successes with it - long term. But I also see several people I know who have had initial great success only to gain it all back AND get health problems associated with the surgery.

Plus, one thing it also says, "You must exercise and eat right." Well, isn't that what they should have been doing before, and didn't? Why would surgery make them exercise now? Maybe if someone is SERIOUSLY overweight (and I don't count my weight in that category - but so overweight they can't exercise without losing a ton of weight first), then maybe that is the only way to go. But I don't see surgery as an easy fix. Plus, the idea of surgery freaks me out. And even with the surgery, I would still have the high blood sugars issue to think about - same as now. And being thinner, doesn't mean being healthier. This is all about getting fit and changing my lifestyle to one where I can be active until I'm ancient!

So, to the stats. It's only been 5 days since I did measurements, but I want to get them on a sensible day. So, measurements/full stats will be on Mondays - a logical day. Not much change, but there is something! And, after today, I will have walked (on the balance board), 90 miles! Woo-hoo! I just joined a challenge to walk 1000 miles in 2011. I'm so up for it and I'm not even behind!

Stats for 1/31/11:

  • * Weight: Beginning: 255.6    Now: 248.6 lbs
  • Body Fat: Beginning: 49.8%  Now: 48.9%
  • Body Water: Beginning: 37.5%   Now: 37.5%
  • Muscle Mass: Beginning: 118 lbs    Now: 120.8 lbs
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR): Beginning: 1866   Now: 1825 calories
  • Metabolic Age: Continually 50 - their oldest age to show
  • Bone Mass: Beginning: 6.4 lbs    Now: 6.4 lbs
Measurements in inches:
  • Chest:  Beginning: 47  Now: 47
  • Waist: Beginning: 43  Now: 42.75
  • Hips: Beginning: 50  Now: 50
  • Left Upper thigh: Beginning:  29.5  Now: 29.25
  • Right Upper thigh: Beginning: 30  Now: 29.5
  • Upper arm: Beginning: 17.75   Now: 17.25

Exercise stats:
  • Walked it Out/walking totals: 86.1 miles
  • Exercise total: 26:50 hours 
 * You will notice quite a bit of daily fluctuation with fat, muscle mass, BMR and even the weight. It depends on how hydrated I am and how dry my feet are!

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