Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My virtual me

Every week, I will make a new virtual me. This is pretty darn close to 'me', but not quite. It's a more flattering version, of course. I am larger on top and you can't see how thick I am front to back. So, the beginning and my goal after one year. Yes, this is still not ideal, but like all things in life, I need to be realistic. I may never be at my goal weight, but it's better to be  50 pounds lighter and CLOSER to my ideal weight than to just keep it status quo.

The good news is, my weight has been very steady over the last 7 years, it's gone down twice during periods I was working out more/moving/painting, etc. And I didn't gain that weight back. So, the prognosis is good that I'll keep this off too if I just get my act in gear. If, after a year I feel I want to lose more. Fine, I'll make a new goal, but one goal at a time.

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