Monday, January 24, 2011

The scale and I are not friends

So, I've said I weigh myself daily and have for years. When I do NOTHING, the scale pretty much stays the same up and down a couple of pounds daily, but pretty much averaging out the same.

From the end of December to the beginning of January, I was watching what I ate as far as holiday goodies and I managed to not gain - all good. By January 10th or so, I lost the 5 pounds I had gained at the beginning of the holiday season with adding a bit of exercise and cutting carbs and consequently, calories. Since that time my weight has completely stalled out - actually gaining a pound.

For the last near two weeks, I've been keeping track with my food intake and exercise on a iphone app. According to that app. I should be able to consume 2440 calories a day, with no exercise and maintain my weight. I definitely have cut down on my caloric intake significantly, I can feel it. I'm not hungry, but I'm not filling up like I used to either. While I cannot know how many calories I was eating before, it was probably close to 2300 calories a day. Now, and for the last 3 weeks,  I've consuming 1700-1800 calories a day (600-700 less a day than it says to maintain) AND I am exercising lightly for an hour every day, burning between 350-500 calories during that time. So, according to that program, I should be losing 2.5 pounds a week. Which means in the last nearly 2 weeks, I should see about 4 pounds gone. Instead, I've gained a pound. Scale has read the same or a bit higher every day.

Add to that, I'm taking medicine and have had to increase the dose for an under active thyroid.What doesn't make sense is that when I did NOTHING I didn't gain or just fluctuated a bit and now that I'm DOING something, I'm losing nothing or fluctuating a bit. My thyroid on two tests now clearly show it's not performing adequately, but it's getting better/closer to being OK (and we'll see in 4 weeks if it's now good). According to everything I read, if I had problems with weight gain before, it should get better, or stay the same if my activities stay the same, but NOTHING I read says I should be having problems losing weight and might gain weight while getting my thyroid hormone levels back to normal. It makes no sense.

I know the exercise is doing me good and getting rid of simple carbs is doing me good, but so would some weight loss. I've exercised for 19 hours in 21 days, I've eaten over 7000 calories less than I 'need' to maintain. I should be seeing the scale more downwards, instead of up. I know I'm in my first half of the menstrual cycle, but this is just odd and I wonder what else is going on. Time will tell, of course, and I'm not going to quit or lessen what I'm doing, but I might kick my scale to the curb! But then, the Wii Balance Board is giving me the same news. So, I can't even blame just my bathroom scale.

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