Monday, January 3, 2011

Some real exercise

The day didn't go as expected. The 'plan' was that if my youngest son got up early enough I would walk him to school, walk back, and then do Wii Fit and Walk it Out. Well, the little guy didn't wake up early enough to walk to school, so I had to drive him. Then, when I got back, I sat down to check my email and respond to anything important and realized I was exhausted. Like, can't keep eyes open tired. So, I decided to take a nap as I knew I was kidding myself if I thought I would actually exercise as exhausted as I felt. I laid down at 9:45 am. Heard my mother in law puttering in the kitchen, heard her leave around 11 am, but I was still tired. Woke at 11:45, still tired. At 12:15 I started to get up but said nope in my head - no rush. I finally forced myself out of bed at 12:45 (three hours after falling asleep) and I could have slept more, I know it.

But then I felt great! I had a meal, did a bit of work in the house and then set up my Mii on Wii Fit. Now, this is something I was dreading as I know how mean they are to the unfit. Yes, my Mii ballooned to a chubby Mii, but that's OK, I am chubby. But then I did their first 'wii age' test and probably held my breath when they said the age. Fully expecting 70 years old, I got 34 and it said, "You are still in pretty good shape!" It was 6 years younger than my actual age! Yay! A confidence booster - meaning, I have good balance at least.

I then chose to do basic step which is WAY, WAY easy. I did that twice and then I decided to set up my Walk it Out character and start that. I walked 1.7 miles (approximately) and did that for about 25 minutes. So, first day I put in over 30 minutes and it felt great. Easy enough, but fun!!!

Ironic thing is - I have a lake 500 meters from my house, no further, but I find it boring to walk around the lake by myself. It has a nice path and everything, but for some reason, if exercise is NOT in my living room, I just don't do it.

I think I'm going to really like Walk It Out. It's a perfect game/video to dive into fitness again. I'm sure soon enough it will be too easy and boring, but by then, I'll feel more fit to handle more advanced things again. I forgot how GOOD it feels to get a good workout. I think it's been such a long time that I felt well, that I forgot a lot of positive feeling things.

So, I'm off to a good start and I feel good about being able to stick to it! Yay me!

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