Monday, January 10, 2011

Back from follow-up with the doctor

Things went about as I thought they would - blood pressure is now fine. I didn't gain any weight over the holidays. Which is no small feat as during that time is my birthday, 2 christmas parties, Christmas, New Years, my husband's birthday and Serbian Orthodox Christmas. Everyone else in the house gained 4-5 pounds, so that's all good.

Expected news is that my thyroid is still underactive by quite a bit. TSH was 43, it's now 15 and needs to be under 3. The T3 and T4 and Free T4 are all now within normal limits.

Bad news is that my fasting glucose is even higher than before. It should be under 99. Last time it was 134. This time it was 206. The doctor wants to check it in 3 months, when hopefully my thyroid is functioning properly and I've had time to incorporate exercise and a low carb diet. Now, if that isn't motivation to keep at this, I don't know what is. I DO NOT want to take insulin shots!

Other news is that I'm wearing a halter - a continuous EKG basically. I started to feel some skipped beats before taking the thyroid medicine and BP medicine and now I feel them every few minutes. It's probably nothing significant, but they have to watch it to be sure. So, today I get to exercise while wearing a type of fanny pack!

I'll exercise in a bit, but just had second breakfast (first was a nutrition bar and coffee - not it was sausage and eggs). A bigger/fuller breakfast makes me a happier camper for hours. Now to find ways to eliminate carbs which I love, of course. Bigger problem is that I don't like dairy. I think I'm going to turn into a BIG bean lover though as it's filling, not fatty, not full of carbs and great nutritionally. But first, I need to make stuffed green peppers, which are low in carbs too.

Oh, I've cut diet sodas from my diet! And the only caffeine I have in the day is 2/3s of a cup of coffee (and we make weak coffee). Now I have to wean myself off cranberry juice. I mix it 70 percent water, 30 percent juice, but that's pure sugar. I need to drink more sparkling water flavored with lemon.

Weight loss: .5 lb (from the initial doctor appt - I actually gained three and lost three over the holidays)
Exercise 4 hours 20 minutes
Walked: 15 miles

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