Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Finally some time to myself!

The kids have been out of school so much with snow delays, midterm exams, holidays, etc, that I am actually looking forward to them getting out of my hair. I want to have time to go look at heart rate monitors and to get that tape measure! The weather, for a day at least, is supposed to be great, so I want to take a walk around the lake and wouldn't it be great to do that with my new GPS Heart Rate Monitor/fitness watch? I think it will take me a year to figure out how to use all the functions. They've gone so high tech, but it will be a fun toy that has to be used to play with it properly! My sensible side is saying I should wait until REI has their 20% off sale, but can I be that patient? When I feel I need that tool now? (It's amazing how seeing your heart rate is close to target, motivates you to get it in target!) Plus, I'm always one who wants to know how far I've walked and with all these trails everywhere, it's impossible to know. Hmmm...maybe I'll walk to pick up Henry from school tomorrow too if it's so nice outside.

Other than that, I think the scales knew I was ready to give them a swift kick. Both the Wii Fit Balance Board and the bathroom scale dropped me the pound they both added to my weight the last three days. They knew I meant business!

I've also decided that once I finish this Walk it Out Game, I'll dust off my Sweatin' with the Oldies DVDs. I used to have them all on VHS, but got the DVDs a few years ago. I have a library of about 50 VHS work out videos. That's how I dropped weight the last time - step aerobics, dance aerobics and some strength training aerobics. Richard Simmons himself is silly, but he always had real people who lost weight on his videos and it made me feel like I fit in better. Once I get a bit more fit, then I'll think about joining an aerobics class at our gym. Maybe I'll meet some more people locally that way too.

Oh, and how come I keep forgetting to update my exercise totals?

So far I've Walked it Out: 61 miles and exercised 20.5 hours.
Still stuck at 5 pounds lost.

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