Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dealing with feelings of guilt

I never meant to get overweight. I never meant to get out of shape. And, I had every intention of getting fit (and dropping) weight as soon as our lives stabilized, but then I had all those headaches and felt like hell. Yet, I had said that before too. And I feel guilty. I am beginning to be one of those Americans who is costing us money because I didn't take care of myself. And reality is, I "could" go on not taking care of myself. I could just take the pills and do the same old thing I've always done - eating whatever I want and not regularly exercising. Some blood pressure medicine, thyroid medicine and insulin shots could keep me going for years and years. Isn't that the route most people decide to take?

Well, it is not the route I plan to take. I don't want to be dependent on drugs to keep me alive. I want to take control of my life and get off as many of the drugs I can. Which got me to thinking. Why do we just give people drugs when it can be controlled by diet or behavior? Why do diabetics who can control their glucose by exercise and diet, not get penalized for NOT doing it? Same with blood pressure and so many other ailments.

Why isn't the system set up that you only get help permanently (if needed) if you lead a healthy lifestyle? Give people a break, second chance (because I'm a softy and it includes me). OK, you are heavy, and you need blood pressure medicine now and would need insulin soon, but if you lose X amount of pounds and exercise (which would be easy enough to verify by their health improvement or decline), you can stay on the meds (if you still need them) or lose them if you don't follow doctor orders of losing weight and getting more fit. Or make them pay for it more out of pocket? Where is the incentive, really, to get more fit and lose weight when a drug can keep me going fine?

Or am I not thinking this through?

Weight loss: .5 pounds
Walked in 2011: 5 hours 20 minutes
Distance in 2011: 18 miles

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