Friday, January 28, 2011

Those magic numbers

Weight loss, just like with birthdays, have big, important numbers. Remember when turning 5 and 10 was a big deal? Then 13, 18, 21, 30 and so on.  In age and weights the 5s and 10s are always kind of biggies. And of course with weight, being able to say "I lost 10 pounds, 20 pounds, etc.". But there are other markers. There are personal markers. Like the age 42 is a big marker for me, certain weights are too.

So the secret is out of the bag that I started my weight loss journey at 255 pounds. Since we are a weight conscious society, we know how much we weighed at certain points of our life. Like, I know at the end of high school I weighed 178 pounds and I felt ENORMOUS. Now, I would do a jig if I got that low ever again in my life. Heck I would kiss every stranger I met if I got that low! Then, when I got married I was between 190 and 195. I would love to be my marriage weight again. Yes, of course, I felt enormous then and I did have some fluff, but to be under 200? Woo-hoo! I was 220 pounds when I got pregnant with my oldest son. Then I went through lots of ups and downs. My high was when we lived in Ontario - 275, came down then up and then when I got pregnant with my youngest son I was 260. I was 238 10 weeks after he was born when I got my gall bladder out. Yes, I lose weight when pregnant. That topic will be another day's post.

So, now that I'm under 250 (I hope it stays there without another spike), my next personal weight loss marker is the weight I weighed when my youngest son was born.  238. Eleven pounds to go.

Oh, I said I was going to do a virtual me picture every week. Well, that's pointless. My new plan is to make a new one for every 10 pounds lost - another important marker.

  • * Weight: Beginning: 255.6    Now: 248.6 lbs (don't count on this 7lbs loss to hold - it's obvious I was deyhydrated this morning)
  • Body Fat: Beginning: 49.8%  Now: 50.1%
  • Body Water: Beginning: 37.5%   Now: 36.5%
  • Muscle Mass: Beginning: 118 lbs    Now: 117.5 lbs
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR): Beginning: 1866   Now: 1791 calories
  • Metabolic Age: Continually 50 - their oldest age to show
  • Bone Mass: Beginning: 6.4 lbs    Now: 6.2 lbs
  • Walked it Out/walking totals: 72.5 miles
  • Exercise total: 23:30 hours 
 * You will notice quite a bit of daily fluctation with fat, muscle mass, BMR and even the weight. It depends on how hydrated I am.

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