Thursday, January 20, 2011

When you know yourself too well

See, I have this problem. When I get to researching something. I research it to death. I read everything up on it and in the end decide that the cheap thing that can 'do it' isn't good enough. Even when it very well might be good enough short term. Sven and I balance each other well in that. He tends to be a cheapskate, so he gets the minimum that will do what it needs to do. So, in the end, we get something in the middle. For things around the house we've found refurbished electronic/electric items are the route to go and for funishings, nearly everything is high end, but used.

So, I was looking up heart rate monitors as I want to track what my heart is doing, how I'm doing etc. I would also love it to be a pedometer. I have one, but it's pretty bad and slips off and I can easily lose it. So, with research, of course, I found there are great things out there that can do what I want.

I could get the Garmin Forerunner 305 which has a GPS tracking so it can track how far you've gone, you can chart routes and everything. However, it has some issues.

A Polar model has the best heart rate monitor, but most things otherwise aren't as good, however, it does have the best software.

Then there's Suunto T6 which you need to buy accessories to count distance and GPS, but it records heart recovery and can tell you not only if your heart is in the zone, but can tell you if your workout is too hard, too easy or just right.

Of course, like everything, there is no perfect fitness monitor. Some are better for some things, others better for others and now of course, I want one of those three. So, my $50 heart rate monitor that will do just that - show the heart rate while exercising, has now just jumped to $200-$330 (up to $600 with accessories) for all the cool extra things it can do. We live in a community full of trails, so having something to REALLY track distance would be so cool. A pedometer stinks. You have to guess stride length and it doesn't take into account going up a hill or rougher terrain where your stride might alter.

For fun things like this (not a family necessity) I never use family funds, I raise fun money. I haven't done it in a long time. Not since we moved actually, but I think it's time I do it again. I have some things around the house of mine I can sell and I'll go back to doing what I used to do on craigslist - find a bargain and then resell it at a more normal price on ebay (sometimes right back on Craigslist).

Editing to add: I'm pretty sure I'm going to get the Garmin 305. The price is right and it ahs everything I need. "IF" I ever get into more serious training and such, then I'll invest in the latest and greatest, but for now 'yesterdays' latest and greatest is perfect! 

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