Friday, January 14, 2011

Weighing yourself daily

I've weighed myself daily for years. Some say not to do that, but I think if you understand what the numbers mean and don't get frustrated by normal ups and downs, it's actually pretty interesting and maybe less frustrating.

So, this week on the wii and on my bathroom scale, my weight has gone, down 3, up 2, same, same, down 1, up 1. What I gather from that is that I'm on target for losing a pound or maybe a bit more for this week. What if I had weighed myself on an extra low day and then a week later weighed myself on an extra high day? For a week I would think I had actually gained weight when really I hadn't. We also have a fat monitoring scale, but those fluctuate a lot too and I doubt that fat changes that much daily. It also tells me I'm 50 years old by my weight and fat count. Which I think is the highest age it gives. Don't know how much weight I'll have to lose before I see that number go down. I've lost 25 lbs since I bought that scale and it hasn't budged!  But boy, the day my BMI comes down lower on the obese section on the Wii and my metabolic age comes down on the scale will be big Woop! Woop! days.

Anyway, about daily weights. It really can fluctuate so much. Sometimes I even weigh myself before and after a bowel movement and you know what? Poop doesn't weight much! LOL I usually notice I hold a lot of water after a salty food day, so like today, I gained a pound, but I also ate a lot of salt yesterday. And clothes weigh more than you think! 2 pounds between being in my nightgown to being in jeans and a sweater, sometimes 3 pounds. So, what this means, is that I don't pay much attention to daily weights, just the trends. Sure I love big drops like 3 pounds in one day, but I also know the next day I'll most likely see a huge weight gain. My mother in law never weighs herself, maybe once a month, but for some reason she decided to weigh herself one day in the morning and night and she was shocked that she weighed 2 pounds less in the morning than the night before. Even as a doctor, she didn't knwo that was normal, huh.

What else? Oh, I decided to wear my pedometer just for kicks. Anything to keep me thinking positively and to keep me doing positive things. Next I need to get some body measurements so that I can see I'm shrinking even if the scale doesn't agree with me sometimes. Muscle takes less room than fat. Last year when I dropped 10 pounds, it felt like so much more because I toned a lot with all that working around the house. I kept the weight off, but lost the toning once most house work was done.

Friday, so this weekend will be interesting. It's harder to squeeze in exercising with family home all day.

Lastly, I just caught myself smiling. I'm feeling so good these days and that is so nice.

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  1. I always weigh myself 1st thing in the morning (after I pee, of course) to try to be consistent. I usually have on similar style (weight) pjs, so I figure it should be as accurate as I can get. I also do it just about every day and see nothing wrong with that. You're doing great! -Kathy