Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How to instantly lose 28 pounds!

Yesterday evening my husband moved the wii from the upstairs family room where we have the big TV to the basement with the old, small, barely working TV. There were reasons for it - no burn in with the plasma and the floor of the family room is squeaky and not so firm. Plus, the room is a little crowded for playing wii.

So, today I went downstairs to exercise. Problem is, the carpeting downstairs is quite plush, so the scale doesn't work probably. Overnight, according to the balance board, I, and my husband, have lost 28 pounds! It's amazing! And how I would love to believe it! Sad thing is, my mii says I'm JUST as obese with losing 28 pounds as it does with me being my current weight. So, I guess I'll have to lose a LOT of weight for it to register as getting better.

Well, I know I'll never be what the wii suggests I should be. It says I should weight about 136 pounds. Sven heard that and guffawed. Doctors have said my 'ideal' is around 160. A small, dainty thing, I never have been or will be.

Edited to add: and I know how to instantly gain 28 pounds too. I read up on how to fix the balance board problem was it was suggested to add the leg extenders on plush carpeting. I did so and voila! I gained 28 pounds. Problem is, the wii fit program made me make a new goal for two weeks. I'm not to lose or gain any weight.... but, that's for a point 28 pounds lighter! LOL When two weeks are up, I'll have to say I need to gain 27 pounds or so (depending any weight loss I have during that time). 

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