Sunday, January 16, 2011

Women's monthly hormones and weight loss

Years and years ago I tried my hand at Weight Watchers. It was helpful for support and someone to answer to, but other than that, it was a money zapper for me. I 'know' what to do to lose weight and stay healthy and fit. Anyway, while I was doing weight watcher's, I was very, very consistent with my diet and there was a very distinct pattern with my weight loss. The first two weeks of my menstrual cycle, I wouldn't feel very hungry, so being good was easy, but also the scale didn't budge. The second half of my menstrual cycle, I would be hungry and eating more, but I would drop all the weight for the month in those two weeks  - about 3-4 pounds a week, so I would average out a loss of 6-8 pounds a month.

Later, with weighing myself more frequently, I notice at the end of my cycle, the water weight gain (as well as a desire for something salty). Then on day 2 or 3, all that water weight gain is gone and then back to normal. So, here I am using wii fit every day and there's a record for the last two weeks. It happens to be the middle of my cycle to about the end of the cycle and guess what's happening the last couple days? Weight gain. Four pounds in two days after gradual loss. So, now when my new cycle starts, I'll be curious to see if the wii fit scales see the same trend I'm always casually observing, but never documented.

Am I the only one who notices these things? Or is my body weird?

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