Monday, January 17, 2011

Some days are difficult to be good

I haven't had carb cravings for a couple days, but today I did. Man, was it a difficult day. I was so thankful I had Splenda packets in the house. Having a sweetened tea helped some and one of the atkins bars helped too. It was just sweet enough to curb that NEED for something sweet. Doesn't help that dinner didn't grab me tonight. I ate it, but didn't enjoy it and food needs to be enjoyable. Probably doesn't help that it's day one of my monthly cycle either. Those hormones are always interfering. Guess I should be happy I still have regular montly cycles. There's another thing 42 signifies. My mom was completely through menopause at 42. More motivation to get healthier!

Exercise was good today. I'm finding it's easier and easier and the time goes faster. On the slow songs on Walk It Out I do arm movements and man are my arms weak - my shoulders anyway. So, it's baby steps. I was good today, but it was a difficult to manage day. I must say keeping a food journal is motivating  too!

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