Monday, March 21, 2011

Not a very restful night of sleep

Last night I ate more for dinner than I usually do. It was good food and food I needed (fish and vegetables), but after tallying it all up, it came to about 850 calories. (Quite a bit of olive oil and a half glass of wine). I also didn't exercise yesterday. We were running errands much of yesterday so we ran out of time. First chance I had to exercise was 9 pm and I was tired and had a slight headache AND my stomach felt too full.

Last night while sleeping I was dreaming about getting fatter (and I feel bloated). I think it was more that my stomach felt too full going to sleep and I had a bit of indigestion. I know I was tossing and turning quite a bit too. I think I was also tossing and turning because it's getting too warm in our room for a down comforter. I think it's time to take out the quilt and put away the winter stuff for the year.

So here I am at 7:15 am, awake before I need to be and I don't feel like I got enough sleep and since my dreams were a bit unsettling, I don't feel good overall. Also thunder woke me up and it will be a rainy day today, so I also know that means I have to exercise in the basement today and I'm tired of exercising in the basement. I got a taste of spring this weekend and I like it!

Part of our errands yesterday was getting tennis rackets for everyone. My husband and I used to have rackets, but we hadn't used them in 12 years. Our littlest one has been asking about playing tennis. Our older one had tennis as a gym subject last year and my husband wants to play again. We live near tennis courts, so it was time. A few months ago I wouldn't have gotten a racket for myself. I was in no condition to be playing tennis and couldn't foresee myself getting into any sort of condition to be able to play. But now, I can see being able to do that very soon. Only thing I don't like about tennis is that usually courts are out in the complete open under the beating sun. I really hate getting super duper hot and that's almost a given with tennis. We used to try to play at night, but that's not always possible, especially when you have young kids. Well, we have one young child, but that's all it takes!

OK, off to get ready this morning. I'm not overly excited to take the little one to school in the rain - not my favorite activity. But it's spring!!!! Nicer weather is bound to happen and rain is important too.

Beginning weight: 255.6   Now 231.6 (24 lbs lost)

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