Wednesday, March 23, 2011

How I'm feeling these days

First, I'll comment on my before and in the process of getting healthy pictures. Several people on Facebook and on a weight loss forum commented that I look younger now. I'm not sure I look younger because of losing some weight, changing my hairstyle, getting by blood pressure under control and getting rid of those daily, horrible headaches, sleeping better, or if it's that I'm eating healthier. It's probably all of the above, but I see it too. It's funny though, I am still very overweight, but those nearly 25 pounds gone have me feeling so much better.

I feel I stand taller (and I probably do). I feel I move faster (and I probably do). My complexion has cleared up (except for this week for some odd reason - could be the bad sleep these past few days I suppose) and feel alert and alive. Not only all that, but my mood is better. It's pretty hard to feel good about anything when you feel lousy and I was feeling pretty darn lousy. I laugh more, smile more and con tolerate frustration better. And I'm just starting. I still have 55 pounds to go to get pretty close to my ideal weight, so I'm imagining how much better I'll feel as I progress farther!

That's one thing I forgot or buried deep in the memory bank. I forgot how good it feels to take care of yourself inside and out. I remembered the exercise high while doing it, but I forgot the long term effects. I feel strong. I feel powerful when really, I'm still very unfit, but it's heading in the right direction. Just this morning while I was whizzing around, I realized that 3 months ago that would have wiped me out and I would have needed a rest. Now, I can keep going. And because I feel good, I want to do more. Every day it gets just a little bit better. I know my family feels that emotional side of me getting better the most.

And, that's about it. I walked 3.5 miles yesterday and managed to sneak in a nice nap later. Weight is the same as yesterday, but that's fine as it was a pretty big drop yesterday. In just .2 of a pound I'll have lost 25 pounds. About 55 more to go. I just hope it stays as easy to keep it all together as I go along. Spring helps!

Stats for 3/23/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now 230.8 (almost 25 pounds lost)
Exercise hours in 2011: 75 hours 15 minutes
Walk totals in 2011: 245.5/1000

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