Friday, March 25, 2011

I will not freak out about this pound I gained

Most nights before I go to bed I weigh myself. It gives me a rough idea of where I'll be in the morning. When I stepped on the scale last night, I went, "Yikes!" And sure enough, when I stepped on the scale this morning, my weight was up a whole pound.

While I don't like seeing it, I was fully expecting it. The same thing happened last month about the same time. For about 4 days it spiked up, and then came down - all around ovulation. Last month it sort of freaked me out as I don't recall that happening in previous weight loss attempts, but then, I didn't used to weigh myself daily either. And maybe it's a new thing. Our bodies do change all the time. Why can't this be a new change?

Yesterday was a cruddy day - cold and wet and dreary. So, I exercised in the basement. Like all things, getting started is the worst, but once I started, that 70 minutes flew by. For kicks I decided to step on the Wii balance board and do the Wii Fit Body test. It informed me it had been 30 days since I last checked in. After chastising me, it gave me my new BMI and weight. I had lost 9 pounds since the last weigh in. Well, wasn't that nice to hear!

I've been ignoring any strength training as I hate it, but I was beginning to feel guilty about it, so last night I did 40 girly push-ups (10, 10, 10, 5, 5) and then did 3 sets of 20 second hold girly planks. Amazing how tough it is for the core to support the body's weight like that.

Today is another cold morning, frost on the cars. I'm not sure if I'll walk around the lake or not, but I will jump around in the basement. Fun times! At least it's Friday! Woohoo!

Of course, I just announced publicly that I had dropped 25 lbs. Just so that I could gain a pound overnight. I just have to chuckle at my body's response!

Stats for 3/25/11:

Beginning Weight: 255.6  Now: 231.6 (up one pound to 24 lbs lost)
Exercise total hours in 2011: 76 hours and 50 minutes.
Walking totals in 2011: 251/1000

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