Thursday, September 1, 2011

What a slow month on the scale!

I know I'm up a bit in water weight, but really, only 2.8 pounds for the month of August? I only had a few days over 1600 calories and only one day over 2000 (and 2300 is supposedly my maintenance level for calories). I exercised for 24 hours too. Really 2.8 pounds for the entire month??? What??? Ok, that's a serious bummer! I did see a low of 187.8, but since my cycle ended I regained 2.6 of which I think most is water, but how can I be sure? Wah!!!!

Well, the only thing I can do is just keep trying to do my best to move more and eat a bit less. A loss is still a loss and my health is still improving. But wow.... that's shocking!!! Editing to add that I tallied up my calories in and out for the month and I should have lost at minimum 10 pounds! My body is obviously getting more efficient on working on less. No wonder I got fat in the first place!

My son is getting much sicker (went from fevers of around 101 to now getting fevers over 104). As soon as the doctor's office opens I'm calling to get him in. Poor kid. Seems whatever it was has now created a secondary infection.

That's all that's on my mind really. I had bodystep yesterday which was great. Today I'm cleaning the house as we are getting it appraised to refinance our mortgage. Of course, when it's probably the biggest mess it ever is is when I have someone coming to inspect it for it's value! Ugh! Sick kids, school starting, reorganizing started in the house AND materials brought in for my new job.... all waiting to be dealt with before 2 pm when the appraiser arrives. That's my exercise for today - cleaning like a mad woman! (when not at the doctor's office with my son).

Oh, today is measurements day too! With such little loss on the scale, I'm not expecting much loss on the tape measure either.... Let's see - grabbing the tape measure now! OK, lost an inch in the waist and half an inch each in my upper arms and thighs. So, I guess I did do somthing!

Stats for 9/1/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 190.4
Total hours exercised in 2011: 255
Total miles walked in 2011: 733/1000

Monthly Measurements:

Starting chest: 47"  Now: 42" (change since last month: down 0" for a total loss of 5")
Starting Waist: 43" Now: 34" (change since last month: down 1" for a total loss of 9")
Starting Hips: 50" Now: 43" (change since last month: down 0" for a total loss of 7")
Starting Arm: 18" Now: 14.5" (change since last month: down .5" for a total loss of 3.5")
Starting Thigh: 30"  Now: 24.5" (change since last month: dow .5" for a total loss of 5.5")

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