Thursday, September 8, 2011

Weird appetite fluctuations

I'm noticing more and more that I have hungry days and days I'm not so hungry. Since I don't believe in eating a set number of calories a day, but to just eat good, wholesome foods in moderation and throw in exercise for fitness and added weight loss benefit, I see how it varies.

Throughout this journey I've had days where I'm just mad hungry, so I eat more, but I usually found that it was rare and most days I was fine/satisfied around the same number of calories per day (give or take 100 calories).

Well, recently, I seem to have more hungry days, but then more not hungry days too. Very rarely do I feel the same hunger level day to day like I have most of the time on this journey so far. Here's the last two weeks to give a good glimpse of my eating: (* means it was an exercise day which is usually 50-60 minutes.)

8/25: 1596
8/26: 1607*
8/27: 1258*
8/28: 1566*
8/29: 2680
8/30:   838*
8:31: 1574*
  9/1: 1536*
  9/2: 1441*
  9/3: 1335*
  9/4: 1640*
  9/5: 1738
  9/6: 1241*
  9/7: 1668*
  9/8: 1119

Several times when I have a high day, the next day I have a low day. These are not decisions to eat less the next day because I felt I overate the day before. I'm just seriously not hungry. Notice on 8/29 I ate nearly 3000 calories. That's the most I've eaten in one day in the last 8 months, but next day? I was so not hungry - at all. And that low day I exercised more than I usually did - took a walk and did the gym.

The last few days too - 1200, then over 1650 and now 1120. That's a complete meal difference (as my meals tend to be around 400 calories for breakfast and lunch).

I tell you, keeping track of your eating and movement is really interesting. Most of the time the days I'm hungrier are days I don't go to the gym. Though, I didn't go to the gym today and I'm not hungry, so it doesn't always apply, but definitely gym is an appetite suppressant for me... well, all exercise is.

In other stuff, I decided not to go to the gym today as my knees are bugging me. I'll do step tomorrow. I ran errands all day today getting the water filter, a chest freezer (yay!), more school supplies for my older son now that he has been to school, and rain boots for the little guy, craft supplies for my son's hand exercises for occupational therapy. And, of course, school drop offs and pick ups. Dodged most of the rain today. It was nice to be able to do all that stuff without dragging a 6 year old along too!

Stats for 9/8/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 187.8

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