Monday, September 12, 2011

Holy fast weight gain!

Two pounds in two days. No wonder I usually stall out for several weeks. My body goes crazy with hormones and holds a lot of water! Wow! At least I know what is going on. Ovulation is approaching and my body is raging with water holding hormones. Isn't the body an amazing thing? It has this internal clock and has been working pretty flawlessly for decades and we're just a bag of bones and flesh... amazing stuff.

Anyway, did Zumba yesterday morning and it was fun. The instructor was the same as last week and she is just a live wire.  Everyone I've ever met that had that much bouncing energy was about 5' tall. Amazing!

My knees are still giving me some problems, but while I thought it was the lunges that were hurting them, I realize now it's the squats. So, I need to check my form to see what I'm doing wrong. You would think it's pretty simple to just squat, but I guess I do them wrong. Time for more practice squats I guess.

Not sure what I'm doing for exercise today. I could do Zumba this morning, but I'm looking outside and seeing sun. This will be the first day with no rain in a week or longer, so I might just take a walk instead. I want to be outside in the sun! And maybe a bike ride to the grocery store later today... that sounds more appealing than the gym. I need sun!!!

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 188.4
Exercise total hours in 2011: 263
Total miles walked in 2011: 762/1000 (realized I forgot to do this for a few days)

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