Thursday, September 22, 2011

Who would have thunk it - even shoes!

I knew I would need to replace my pants, shirts, underwear and bras. I hadn't given much thought to coats and jackets, but those, of course need replacing too. Those were purchased when I weighed nearly 100 pounds more than I do now... can't 'make do'. Pajamas are iffy and I am making do, but they are super funny and I'll replace those little by little, but shoes. I hadn't given my feet a second thought! Yet, my feet are swimming in my fall/winter shoes.

I pulled out the nice pair of Mary Jane loafers my mother in law gave me for my birthday/Christmas present last year. I love those shoes, but... my feet flop in them - even when I tighten the strap that goes across the top of my foot. They are too long and they are way too wide - even with heavy socks.

This morning I grabbed a pair of brown slip on loafers, my heel slips out of the back of the shoe and my foot sloshes side to side with each step. I think the size is fine, but it's hard to tell because my foot slides in the shoe and hits the top. Maybe the 10 is OK, but they've stretched out to fit my fatter feet and now can't unstretch to fit my thinner feet. Huh...

I had pulled out some high heeled shoes last weekend to work with an outfit. None of my old shoes were comfortable and they clomped. I don't do clompy shoes any more. I had one pair that were ancient that I tried on. I haven't been able to wear them for ages as they are a 9.5 and I had gone up to a 10 to an 11. Well, they fit! (But still clomped and hurt my feet, so I didn't wear them). In the end I wore a pair of open toe shoes I bought this summer. Not a perfect match for fall, but they fit and were comfortable. I just had to tighten the straps a bit.

Well, yesterday I decided to do some quick shoe shopping. First, I tried on a pair of black casual shoes in a size 10. I've worn a 10 for eons, so I always grab it. My foot swam in them. I then grabbed a 9.5 and those were better, but not in the color I wanted. So, just to see, I grabbed the 9 in the black and lo and behold, they fit! What? I haven't worn anything in a nine in pfft. I have no idea. Maybe when I first got married they were still 9s? Though I know they quickly went up (hmmm... with my weight?)

So, I came home and started to do an inventory of my shoes and wow... most are too big. Things that have laces I can make work if they are 10s, but anything I had bought in 11s - too big. My foot has very recently shrunk.

Some of it is obviously fat - my feet are narrower and since I'm healthier, they swell less too, but I think some of it is that my arches are rising again after years of slowly falling. I've always had really high arches and with a third less weight, maybe they are bouncing back up?

Whatever it is, it means on top of everything else that needs to be replaced, so do my shoes! During the summer, I just tightened my sandals up - easy peasy. Can't do that with slip on shoes which is everything I own for fall and winter because I hated doing buckles and laces when I had a huge gut - too much work.

Only thing I haven't had to replace then are socks, but I've had to about double the amount for working out.

It's more motivation to keep this weight off - a pretty penny will be invested in this new wardrobe - even with trying to be frugal!

Stats for 9/22/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 181.0 (74.6 pounds lost)
Total hours exercised in 2011: 268
Total miles walked in 2011: 782/1000

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