Thursday, September 29, 2011

Being the only healthy one!

These past few months have been horrible in my household with people getting sick. First it was the 6 year old getting a flu and then a secondary ear infection. Just as he got better, my older son got a flu which messed up our vacation plans.

Then, just before school starts my older son flipped over his handlebars on his bike and then three days later developed pneumonia, missing the first week of school. Then, just as he was better, my husband got pneuomonia, missing a week of work.

And now, two days after my mother in law is back from her 5 week vacation, she is having a diverticulitis attack and needs to go to the doctor. On the day that the kids don't have school and I was going to go out with them.

While I'm glad I haven't gotten sick. I've had to be handmaid so much this summer that my patience for it is gone. It's been nearly nonstop since mid July and I can't take it any more! That I've been able to keep some semblance of a fitness routine is amazing and that my diet hasn't crashed and burned is twice as amazing. I guess I have determination!

Today will be studio cycling. See, I chose it this time. Not that it was the only thing I could do today (though that's almost true). I chose it over Zumba class, but I might change my mind later!

Stats for 9/29/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6 Now: 183.4

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