Friday, September 16, 2011

When you lose your layers of insulation...

You feel the cold!

Today was the first day that the weather has let us know that fall is just about here. Last night we put on an extra blanket on everyone's bed and this morning I got dressed in a new sweater I've never worn, heavier pants, and socks and shoes. And I was still cold. I looked at the thermometer next to me and it read 70 degrees. Yet, I had to go and grab another layer and I've been wearing it all day long. Right now, over my sweater I'm wearing a micro fleece zip up vest and I'm still cold. My feet are cold (in socks and shoes), my nose is cold, my fingers are cold and my arms are cold.

I have bought a lot of stuff in the last few weeks getting ready for this season, but I didn't anticipate the need for wool or fleece heavy sweaters yet. In fact, I've rarely needed really warm clothes and definitely not when upstairs where it is usually warmer. But... that was when I weighed 250 plus pounds!

Now, I still have a lot of insulation on me. I'm not lacking fat, but it's so much less than I used to have, that I almost wonder if I feel more cold because my body is really, really not used to truly feeling these temperatures? And maybe my body will adjust so that I don't need to wear heavy sweaters all the time? Or maybe it's because my metabolism has slowed down a bit while in this weight loss mode?   All I know is that it stinks and I need to go shopping (again) for some heavier sweaters to wear at home at least. I'm freezing!

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 185.4 (no change since yesterday)

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