Monday, September 26, 2011

So, while I'm in my monthly stall out, my musings

I should be downstairs ironing, pinning and sewing as my mother in law is coming back tomorrow and I haven't finished her curtains - a project I've been dragging my feet on for months and months. Why is it so hard for me just to do it??? (Not like me usually!)

Anyway, I'm in my monthly stall-out and I managed to keep all 4 pounds of water weight for another day. Fun stuff! What is interesting though, is that I had a higher calorie day on Saturday. My aim for most days is to eat between 1400-1500 calories. On that day I ate about 2200-2300 which with exercising that day puts me at maintenance range, and really, with all the working I was doing around the house that day, still should be at a loss for the day (as yes, standing and working on your feet all day is not sedentary!)

That next day, yesterday, I was not hungry - at all. I had tea in the morning and then nothing until 1 pm when I had a slice of cake at a meeting. Then I had a snack at 4:30 pm (a protein bar) and then nothing until dinner at 6:30 pm when I had a bit of chicken breast and some peppers and tomato slices. I ended the day consuming about 750 calories and I still felt so full!!!

So far this morning, I have had a yogurt and fruit smoothie and a protein bar and I am very, very full. I probably won't eat again until 3 pm or so and then we'll see. What's up with that? is all the water bloating affecting my feeling of being full overall? Is it that I've eaten more carbs and my body isn't used to digesting them (my stomach felt awful yesterday). it's really weird!

Not sure if I'll fit in formal exercise today - I actually feel like jumping around in teh basement and might do that tonight. I just have to finish these curtains as I cannot stand be harassed any more. And I don't blame her - she's only been waiting about a year for them! (Yep, that's bad!)

Stats for 9/26/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 185.0

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