Sunday, September 18, 2011

An interesting day

Today was the first day officially on the job as the Director of Religious Education for the Northern Virginia Ethical Society. I must have been a bit nervous about it because the night before I had quite a few stress related dreams - dreamed our house got broken into when I left to pick up the kids from school and was gone for 4 minutes only. Dreamed that I forgot to make bread and had to stay up half the night the day before a big event and I was messing things up. Dreamed that I was teaching someone how to make bread and they were doubting all  my techniques - stressville city dreaming.

I wanted to get there early today and my plans were already a bit messed up as my husband is sick. When I left in the morning, it seemed pretty mild yet, so I wasn't worried about him, but it meant I had both kids to watch as well as get ready for Sunday School. It was all fine, but a bit more complicated.

After Sunday school, my kids and my mentee and I went out for lunch. We ate at a local Lebanese restaurant and I had lentil soup and an appetizer, kibby. And then I took my older son to let him hang out with his friends and then the little guy and I played at Target and then hit Whole Foods. Finally coming home at 6:30 pm. By that time my husband was feeling worse and the pain relievers were no longer keeping the fever down. So, he called the doctor on call and they instructed him to go to the emergency room - which is where he is now. I will be going there in a bit once I know my younger son is asleep.

The first part of the day was so nice. I was wearing a new dress (like this one, just tan and black, not black and blue/green print). two tone dress It hugged by body in a nonclingy way and since I no longer have rolls, it was flattering - the stripes acting as a slimming allusion too. It was a $24 dress from Marshall's yet made me feel great.

The last part of the day has me a bit frazzled. Another illness - bad summer for my family with illnesses, for sure!

No exercise today, but lost another pound, unbelievably!

Stats for 9/18/11:

Beginning Weight: 255.6  Now: 182.6 (73 pounds lost)

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