Thursday, September 15, 2011

Drum roll please!

I have reached the official seventy pounds lost milestone and I'm now at the lowest weight I have ever been since I got married (except for a month or so one summer a year after I got married when I didn't even realize I had lost 15 pounds, so I don't count it). This is the weight I got to at my last big weight loss effort 15 years ago. And I can tell you, this is way different. By then, I was struggling with exercising and more, with food cravings. Not now. I feel great and feel I still have more in me to work on this weight loss journey.

I'm now at a weight I was much of college. And by the way, I felt really fat in college as I did have some pudge. Now I'll take that pudge! It's way better than obese - where I was just a little bit ago. Plus a bit of pudge at 41 is considered more normal than a bit of pudge at 21. And even more so 20 years ago when there were less people overweight.

So, that means I have 10 pounds and change to go to meet my intial goal. The goal of "I hope to never weigh more than this again." Anything under 175 is icing on the cake, but not something I'm too focused on.

Not much else to add as I did a late post yesterday after exercise. My life is so exciting, I'll be cleaning today (like I was part of yesterday). Fun stuff, huh? But.. I'll be cleaning with a lilt in my step as I've officially lost seventy pounds. Wow! My husband gave me a high five this morning. Aren't we so romantic?

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 185.4 (70.2 pounds lost)


  1. All I can say to you is WOW! are doing a terrific job and are such an inspiration to me. I love your blog...I stumbled across it on 3fatchicks and have gone back and read from the beginning. I am currently struggling with losing weight and I guess what I'm learning from you is consistency. See when I fall off the wagon and overeat I keep gorging myself and can not stop. It's hard for me to get started again. I like how you know your body so well and when you have weight fluctuations you just keep plugging away...and then bam you get some great results. Congrats and keep up the great work!


  2. Thanks Marcy, while I selfishly write mostly for my own therapy, it makes me happy to learn that my journey helps others on theirs too.

    Believe me, I've been where you are and have stumbled a lot and I can only hope that I get it right this time. I figure I'll forever be a work in progress.