Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Remember that dress I was fawning over?

I don't know why I think you all might remember everything I've said all along the way. Heck, I can't remember everything I've said over the last 9 months and I'm sure I've repeated myself sometimes, but anyway, earlier this summer, I mentioned that I saw this dress and I loved it: Donna Morgan dress

I keep looking online and at the store I saw it every once in awhile to see if they ever go on sale, and so far no. I'm just not going to spend $120 on a dress that probably won't fit next year. And, the size I need has been sold out for at least a month (one person even asked online Nordstrom's if they were going to get anymore size 12 in stock - and they aren't). I saw at a clearance center online that they were expecting some in and I could reserve one, but they were still selling for $90 plus tax. No way.

Well yesterday, while I was procrastinating with cleaning my house and in between walks, I went to Marshall's to return a couple things. While there I decided to look around on their clearance rack as it's been awhile and I saw, kind of tucked in between the packed rack of dresses that fabric of the dress. It was the Donna Morgan dress. I kind of silently held my breath and muttered, "oh please, oh please, oh please" and I see it's a size 12!!! It's the only one they have and it's in my size? I practically ran with giddiness to the dressing room to try it on. Perfect fit as I knew it would be from trying it on before at the department store, but I wanted to be sure. I checked all the seams to make sure they were aligned, not ripped or stained and it seemed to be in perfect shape. The start price at Marshall's was $29.99 (as are so many of their dresses of that style/material) and it was clearanced for $20.00. What??? The dress I can still buy online in every size except size 12 for $120 was clearanced at Marshall's for $20??? That dress was so sold! I can't wait to wear it! Yay!!!!

Look how little things like that can make you so happy? That and the sun being out. Wow was it nice to have the sun yesterday! I took three walks - first mile was walking my son to school. Then I did a loop around the lake for another 1.3 and then I took another walk to get my son from school. It was great! My mood lifted instantly yesterday with the sunshine. I'm definitely affected by sun and lack of sun and that week long bout of constant rain was putting me in the dumps!

Today I'll walk again for 2 miles with the walk too and from school twice and then I'm doing bodypump this evening. I'm going to concentrate really hard on doing squats correctly so my knees stop bugging me!

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 188.0
Exercise total hours for 2011: 264
Total miles walked in 2011: 765/1000

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