Thursday, June 30, 2011

Two hours of workouts and I survived!

So, the first class - BodyStep. I had done this once before, a week before and it was tough. This time it didn't seem as hard, but then maybe I wasn't pushing myself as hard either knowing that I was following that class up with another class. I don't know which of those two it was. And then I followed BodyStep with BodyPump. Since it's in the same classroom and the also use the step, I didn't have much to get ready and I had a chance to talk to the instructor beforehand. She was really nice and helpful and throughout the entire routine she pointed out form and help for me and the other new person in the class.

I started with 2 kgs on each end of the bar and 5 kgs on each end of the bar. She told us when to switch to heavier or lighter weights and she had made the recommendation of what weights to start out with. For the most part, what she recommended was right on. In the beginning I probably could have used the medium weight instead of the light weight, but that is also the warm-up... however, I already was warmed up with because of the BodyStep class.

That second hour was surprisingly fast and I found it fun. I'll definitely be doing it again. This morning I feel it a bit all over - abs, thighs, shoulders, back. You name it, it's a tad sore, but nothing terrible or painful which means I worked the muscles, but didn't overdo it. Today I'll do a Zumba class in the evening to stretch out the muscles and work them a bit and to keep up the fitness. I'm feeling good and in a groove, so I want to keep going with it while it lasts.

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now: 198.0 (57.4 pounds lost)
Exercise total hours in 2011: 203
Total miles walked/biked in 2011: 546/1000

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