Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It Stuck! No longer in the 200s!

It looked promising when I went to bed last night that the 199.8 would stick or go a bit lower and sure enough, it did. I am no longer in the 200s! Yay! Throughout the day yesterday it started to hit me more and more. "Wow. I'm closer! 25 pounds to go!!!) I feel stronger, healthier, happier.

I remember when I went over 200 for the first time. It was shortly after I got married - less than a year after I got married. I remember looking at the scale in dismay. I had crossed that "I will never get that heavy" line. I don't have much memory of getting below it in my last weight loss journey over a decade ago and I have no memory of going back over it as I was ignoring the scale during those times. I don't even know if we had a scale at home then. I was weighing at the Weight Watcher's meetings which I then quit. I really only remember going over that number the first time. I remember the feeling of dread in my stomach because I didn't see how I could remedy the situation.

Now that I'm under that line in the sand again, I really believe I'll never get over it again if I remain healthy and strong. I used to doubt I would be one of the 2% that would keep it off, but I believe I will be. Why? I'm changing my life - not temporarily dieting. Plus, I'm not sure how much stock I put into that research anyway. Most research sucks. and I don't think it should factor into how I feel about my chance of success at this.

Yesterday I went to an aqua fitness class. That class can be tough if you really push it. Water resistance is a great thing! Today I'm taking a Body Step class AND a BodyPump class (there was an opening directly after BodyStep, so I thought, "what the heck!") I might be a bit crazy trying two classes in a row, especially after BodyStep which is the hardest class for me, but I figure the first time I do BodyPump I should learn what it's about and work on proper form and should keep the weights really light. One person even suggested doing it with the barbell only - no weights. So, I 'think' I'll survive! Eek!

That's it for now! End of the month is almost here! Wow!

Stats for 6/29/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now 199.6 (56 pounds lost)
Total hours exercised in 2011: 201
Total number of miles Walked/Biked in 2011: 538/1000

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