Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Different Zumba class and the last day of school!

My son had so much fun at the KidSpace area in the gym that I decided to go in the evening again so he could go and he was very excited about that. This time we went to a different gym because the class that sounded the most appealing was Zumba (again) and it was offered only at this one gym. I'm not sure if I explained here ever, but we live in a planned community and with that there is a community association. Besides the regular association fees that covers garbage/recycling/yard waste and public space maintenance, there is also an optional fee/membership to join their fitness facilities. For a fee, you get to join all the community's gyms, pools, golf courses and a few other things. There are still fees associated with golf greens and some special classes like Tae Kwon Do, but most things are included. So, there are 3 main gyms, 20 or so pools, an indoor pool center, mini golf, batting cages, tennis courts, etc all over the town that we can use. For our family of four we pay $84 a month for their premiere membership which includes this kidspace thing I'm talking about. KidSpace is pretty cool. They have kids divided by age and then the kids can play while parents work out. The gym I went to last night is the the biggest one and it has a pretty cool Kidspace. They have a climbing wall, basketball, bowling and more for the 6-12 year olds. For the 3-6 year olds they have a type of jungle gym, doll house, kitchen and other stuff. The staff organize the kids and they rotate from activity to activity and do team games and so on. That 'perk' costs an extra $5 a month. So, so worth it! Otherwise, it's $8 for every 2 hours a kid is in the kidspace area. It's offered 9 am to 9 pm too. Super sweet!

So, it was at this larger gym where the Zumba class was offered last night. This room was smaller and it had mirrors. I was a bit worried about the mirrors, but they are helpful and surprisingly, I'm finding I'm one of the more coordinated people in class. I guess when I compare myself to cheerleaders and dance teams I suck, but when compared to the general public, I have above average skills.

The biggest problem last night was that it was so crowded it was difficult to follow the teacher and there really was no one else in class who knew the routine well enough for me to follow easily. So, I struggled with the choreography a bit more, even though it was easier than the class on Monday evening. There was only one song that was the same between the two classes and doing a routine for a second time definitely helps! Next time I go to that class, I will move closer to the front. WIth the mirrors, I can see the instructor better. It was fun though and a good work out and this morning I'm beginning to feel some muscle aches on my inner thighs, so I am working it!

Today's plan is to go to a step class while the kids are in school. After that, I'll be hauling the kids with me all summer long. It will be good for all of us. We'll mix going to the gym with going to the pool and throw in some days going to the museums in DC. Should be a great summer!

And yes, the last day of school finally. This midwestern girl is still having a hard time dealing with school until late June. My younger son is sad that he'll never see is teacher again and he really won't because she's retiring! My older son just wants to sleep in. We negotiated for 9:30 am.. we'll see. I'm thinking 9 am if we ever want to do anything with the day at the gym or go to DC.

So, that's it. I'm pretty sure I've ovulated so this water weight should be leaving me soon. Keep your fingers crossed!

Stats for 6/22/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6  Now 203.6
Exercise total hours in 2011: 192
Total miles walked biked in 2011: 512.2/1000

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