Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful husband!

I've been married for 17 and a half years and we've been parents for nearly 15 years. We have had rough patches and great patches and through it all we have mostly weathered it well- especially this parenting gig. We are more "on" now more than ever.

We were lucky to have two children who are super healthy and always have been, but one has very strong attention deficit and hyperactive disorder (don't ever doubt how difficult this can be - it is more trying than our son with autism). And as mentioned a second son who is high functioning autistic. They are 14 and 6 years old and I couldn't do this parenting gig without a supportive father. He's strong where I'm weak and vice versa. In that regard, we make a great team.

I didn't grow up with a great father. My father was not very involved and picked on me pretty hard. Even at 9 years old, I was happier without him in my life, than with him in it. Kind of sad. And from age 9 I was mostly fatherless and completely fatherless at age 11.

My husband never had a father. His parents split a month before he was born and then his father moved to the United States. He had a couple very short term step fathers and had a good relationship with one of them, but he was only there part time for a short time. His mother was working hard and finishing her education, so his grandmother raised him almost solely until she got sick when he was a teenager. Yet, despite that, he is a great father. Which is the greatest gift I can give my children.

We're not doing much today and playing it low key, but I am trying to make him feel special and valued because he is so very much. I also appreciate his love of me no matter what size I have been. He may not have liked my high weight, but he has never ridiculed me or treated me poorly because of it. He was more afraid of what it would mean for our future than anything else.

Ok, enough sappy father's day stuff. About yesterday. Yesterday I took a great morning walk and walked the fastest I ever have at a teeny bit faster than 4 miles per hour for 2.7 miles. We also went to a house concert at a friend's house on the Chesapeake Bay. Eating was a bit out of ordinary, but it was less than 1500 calories for the day, so no worries there.

Editing because I forgot to add: I decided to take some measurements yesterday to see if I'm at least losing inches if not losing pounds and while I've stalled out for almost two weeks on the scale, I've lost an inch off my bust, an inch off my waist, an inch off my hips, an inch off my upper arms and a half inch off my upper thighs. That's about what I usually see after a month, so I'm definitely 'losing'. It's just not showing up on the scale yet.

Stats for 6/19/11:

Beginning weight: 255.6. now: 203.6 (yep up a bit again today)
Total exercise hours in 2011: 190
Total miles biked or walked in 2011: 504.2/1000

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